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Iowa somehow manages to produce really awesome news stories. I could paraphrase the news article about what happened, but suffice it to say that these guys’ disguises consisted solely of hastily applied Sharpie marker. Dude on left gets extra points for also being drunk while committing the attempted burglary. Read the entire article >> (via […]

Everyone loves a good failed coup. And while Kennedy’s attempt to overthrow Castro caught the media’s attention, a better caper was the satirically named Bayou of Pigs, technically called Operation Red Dog. It’s hard to figure out where to start since the story really reaches to the limits of absurdity. So back in 1981, some […]

As Sarah Palin would remind you, the Real America isn’t California and New York, but the heartland of Our Great Country. Despite lacking a national cuisine that comes anywhere close to haute cuisine, the United States has done quite well for itself. Somewhere in between the first group of Pilgrims basically starving to death and […]

Goes for more beer! I think I have enough experience to say that this is some kind of bad. Usually when people drink, they either get buzzed, drunk, or completely fucked up and just pass out. I mean, those are the three options, right? Right? So what the fuck is this? Honestly… if only I […]

New Anti-Smoking Ad Warns Teens it’s Gay to Smoke.

At first you may not notice Haden’s sculptures, mistaking them for discarded mundane objects such as a beat up fire extinguisher, a crushed shovel or a badly damaged refrigerator door.  But on closer inspection you will learn two surprising facts, that they are meticulous recreations of these things, and that they are carved entirely from […]

The NY Times has been on fire today, reporting news on the world’s developing economies. The whole thing reminds of a recent TED Talk by Parag Khanna, underlining that infrastructure and economic linkages are more important than discrete national borders. It’s interesting even though the trend of China buying friends has been obvious for a […]