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At 1:40, he runs dead straight into the pole. Advertisements

While were on the topic… From Los Angeles based performance artist Chris Burden comes this monument to outdoor sculpture. (And everyone said public art was dead…) I would have to say that this is a much safer approach to jaw-dropping performance art than has been the case in Chris Burden’s career. The artist is well […]

The legend of John Fare¬†is the story of a man who slowly destroyed his own body. As one version of the story goes, Fare was a performance¬†artist whose performances involved the amputation of parts of his body and their replacement with metal or plastic decorations. Between 1964 and 1968, performing across Europe and Canada, he […]

Well, it looks as though our small hometown of Hemet California has managed to squeeze it’s way into the news once again. ( You may remember past headlines involving the United States wealthiest street, a high school sex scandal, the country’s largest man-made reservoir and earthen dam, etc…) This time it’s due to a bit […]

Russia is trying to lower alcohol consumption across the board, from vodka to beer (beer has become popular recently amongst youths). The whole thing is fairly reminiscent of Gorbachev’s two-year shot at prohibition. Like most attempts at progress in the Soviet Union, it was perhaps more destructive than useful, although there was a marked improvement […]

Meant to post this a while ago. Great video from a great program.