[Grape Stomp] Whalebone Winery


Somehow I always find myself wandering through Paso Robles around the holidays. There are definitely worse places that I could find myself. With the luck of having a friend whose parents own a beautiful tucked away retreat in the hills of Paso Robles, I get to enjoy the city from time to time. And enjoying Paso means drinking wine. It just so happens the house is right off Peachy Canyon Road: a great home to many wineries.

I always make it a point of getting to Whalebone Winery. It is more for the atmosphere and visitors, including a couple adorable cats, than simply tasting wine. Those pouring the wine are more often than not related to the winemaker in some way. It is a winery with a great beginning. Originally intended as just a source for fruit for other winemakers, and only making small batches for personal consumption, the winery has a tradition of making what tastes good.

The valley that leads off Peachy Canyon Road is filled with limestone deposits and really make the grapes sing. Just driving through the road (which is a trip in and of itself) show off the amazing layers of soil that the grapes feed off of. Okay, so the vineyard is blessed with good soil, there is a steady supply of rain (especially for the 2009 and 2010 vintages), but the kicker are the staff. I mean, they will sit with you and tell you the fishing stories that sculpted BOB wine (one of my favorites) in a completely down-to-earth sort of way.

That is not to say that other neighboring vineyards are not worth visiting. I just have my preferences (one of which includes the nearby llamas – which I unfortunately was unable to find the last trip…).

Drink hearty!


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  1. great, now your scrapbooking…

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