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Thanks, Greg!


Back in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII was fed up with the Easter holiday getting earlier and earlier every year. It was getting earlier because the old calendar that Julius Caesar introduced calculated a full year as only 365.25 days. Well the Romans were wrong and after realizing that a year was actually 365.2425, which is […]

While my father’s side of the family boasts a strong Germanic lineage, my mother’s ancestors are a more varied lot. Her mother was the daughter of two immigrants, a man from Basque country and a Ukrainian Jew, but her father was an All-American Son of the American Revolution with generations of red blooded, sometimes to […]

Finally, someone fixed the problem of drying your shirt with the collar stays in it, making the stays warp to all hell. Carbon fiber doesn’t contain any metal – which means no corrosion and no taking them out at airport security. Okay, so maybe they cost $40 for 2 pairs, but it’s not like you’ll […]

Pros Airports are the only place left to read books/magazines casually Less judgment for day-drinking Cons Airport food at airport prices People in sweatsuits Standing in lines You have probably received a dose of radiation so that someone could look at a grainy naked picture of you for “security reasons” The next thing that happens […]

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The 7 Ps


Repeat after me: Click to download it as your desktop background and never eff up again.