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Charles A Thresher American Pioneer This is the second of four parts of the journal of my great-great-great-grandfather, a pioneer of Kansas, Charles A Thresher. I have transcribed (the nearly impossible to read handwriting of) his memoirs here for all to share. I’ve done all the hard work but it’s worth noting a few important […]

via The Kitchn, check out PES’ other film Western Spaghetti

Many moons ago, I wrote about Gourmet magazine’s article on cocktails throughout the 20th century. Despite last week’s respite of sunny weather in the Bay Area, we have returned to what each March inevitably brings us: rain. While feeding my face in front of a large television screen is in full order, nothing quite helps […]

If you know how to read, you have a complete education about life, then you know how to vote within a democracy. But if you don’t know how to read, you don’t know how to decide. That’s the great thing about our country — we’re a democracy of readers, and we should keep it that […]

Saw this whilst perusing the YouTube page of the folks who created the Iowa Nice video

საქართველოს I got back from Tbilisi a month ago and thought I’d share some facts about the country. Most people I meet confuse it with Georgia, unless they know me well, in which case the only thing they might know about it is that the capital is not Atlanta. No one is really sure why […]