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With an ongoing project based in Tbilisi, I am nervously watching Georgians brace for the parliamentary elections to be held on October 1. The elections are important because a new constitution will go into effect next year (transferring many of the current presidential powers over to the prime minister), but it is interesting because of […]

Charles A Thresher American Pioneer This is the last of four parts of the journal of my great-great-great-grandfather, a pioneer of Kansas, Charles A Thresher. I have transcribed (the nearly impossible to read handwriting of) his memoirs here for all to share. I’ve done all the hard work but it’s worth noting a few important […]

Whoops, wrong Olde English. Today I shall tell you the (extremely simplified) story of how English came to be. In the 5th century AD during a period called “the Migration Period,” the Roman Empire was waning in influence in Northwest Europe and Germanic peoples started expanding out from their territory. Romans had been already in […]