[Shaken Not Stirred] Ţuică


In October, I had the pleasure of traveling back to Moldova for work. A Romanian colleague joined our team and brought much joy into our lives, the most memorable of all had while enjoying Ţuică (pronounced tswee-kuh), a high proof alcohol made from plums. Most Moldovans are ethnically Romanian, and so they share a fondness for the spirit. I was even able to enjoy some țuică made by monks at the Curchi Monastery in Moldova.

At its core, țuică is moonshine produced at home for private (and raucous) consumption. It reflects the robust nature of the Romanian people, stored in unlabeled plastic bottles for consumption around a tables of friends. For generations,  Romanians have drank a shot or two to start a meal. One seemingly common thread of places I’ve traveled in the former Soviet Union is homemade alcohol. Georgians, Armenians and Moldovans all love to make their own wine (to varying degrees of success, given the quality of their fruit). Romanians make țuică.


Image from this blog post about țuică.


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  2. Hi American Strife, do you have an more great observations from your trips to Moldova?

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