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With an ongoing project based in Tbilisi, I am nervously watching Georgians brace for the parliamentary elections to be held on October 1. The elections are important because a new constitution will go into effect next year (transferring many of the current presidential powers over to the prime minister), but it is interesting because of […]

The subzero temperatures surging through Russia right now caught the attention of the New York Times today, as it noted the effects the weather would have on the upcoming anti-government protests.  Russian newspapers aren’t really talking about it, except for how the city will need to take care of the homeless (на русском).Forecasts for the weekend […]

RIP Kim Jong Il Father, Dear Leader, Friend, Sunglass Designer, Inventor of the Cheeseburger, Opera Composer, Fashion Designer, Controller of Weather, Resident of Central Luxury House I am not going to hide my grieving, I will miss Kim Jong Il. It is no secret that I love dictators, I mean, not so much the cruelty […]

After basically obsessing over what President Obama has deemed America’s worst environmental disaster, I cannot resolve my mixed feelings of anger and discontent over 60 days into the mess. (Good/bad news: it’s not the worst.) In some ancillary shot at coping with this mess, I am going to attempt to synthesize my personal look into […]

The New York Times has commented on the recent development of Caucasian leadership, specifically the tension that exists in Ingushetia given the recent bombings in Moscow and the provinces. It is unlikely that either side will find any kind of resolution through the political process – a problem that will forever haunt the ethnic minorities […]

Phillip Niemeyer from the NY Times uncannily summarizes 2000-2009 graphically: (via swissmiss)

Well, it looks as though our small hometown of Hemet California has managed to squeeze it’s way into the news once again. ( You may remember past headlines involving the United States wealthiest street, a high school sex scandal, the country’s largest man-made reservoir and earthen dam, etc…) This time it’s due to a bit […]