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Episode 403: How to Give Some really great points about getting started in philanthropy. Listen to the podcast. Advertisements

One of the major impediments in developing more sophisticated philanthropic missions in the developing world is the lack of pre-existing infrastructure. Sometimes it is as simple as clean water, sometimes it’s electricity, roads, or business skills. charity:water is a great group that delivers access to clean water to communities in need. Moreover, they are making […]

Think Humanity is based out of Loveland, Colorado and is broadly devoted to improving the lives of refugees in Africa. Concretely they do this by assisting the communities around Lake Albert in Western Uganda. They are a very small, close knit group of volunteers who are personally motivated to providing essential services to refugee populations […]

One of the most personally interesting and motivating nonprofits I have come across recently is the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG), which operates in Guatemala and Haiti to development and promote local solution for local challenges. It combines my two key interests: appropriate technology and entrepreneurship in the developing world. Beyond delivering sustainable solutions to […]

I remember seeing the TEDTalk a while ago. Michael Pritchard unveiled the LIFESAVER water bottle which takes murky and contaminated water and filters it through carbon and 15 nm perforations, thus ridding it of all pathogens and chemicals. I thought the guy was pretty cocky and wondered why it wasn’t used all around the world […]

As I gear up to host a small wine tasting/nonprofit education session for my friends, I thought it would be a great idea to start a weekly post about nonprofits. Especially since I think that the two activities yield great comparative potentials against one another. Typically, both wine and philanthropy are seen as elitist activities in which only the rich could indulge. They’re not. They both seem esoteric and indomitable. They’re not. Most importantly, they are so often relegated to rare instances in life. But they shouldn’t be.