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In October, I had the pleasure of traveling back to Moldova for work. A Romanian colleague joined our team and brought much joy into our lives, the most memorable of all had while enjoying Ţuică (pronounced tswee-kuh), a high proof alcohol made from plums. Most Moldovans are ethnically Romanian, and so they share a fondness for […]

Many moons ago, I wrote about Gourmet magazine’s article on cocktails throughout the 20th century. Despite last week’s respite of sunny weather in the Bay Area, we have returned to what each March inevitably brings us: rain. While feeding my face in front of a large television screen is in full order, nothing quite helps […]

It’s really unfortunate that Gourmet Magazine is closing down for so many reasons that everybody and their mother is talking about. With Fall already upon us, another topic that has surfaced on the proverbial “blogosphere” and Twitter, my mind is immediately on the holidays. Aside from the requisite fashion accessorizing, Fall brings with it the […]