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Places that share the 37th parallel north with San Francisco,  California (37°46′N 122°26′W): Ashgabat, Turkmenistan Kaesong, North Korea Adana, Turkey Wichita, Kansas Seoul, South Korea Catania, Italy Sevilla, Andalusia Spain Springfield, Missouri Advertisements

საქართველოს I got back from Tbilisi a month ago and thought I’d share some facts about the country. Most people I meet confuse it with Georgia, unless they know me well, in which case the only thing they might know about it is that the capital is not Atlanta. No one is really sure why […]

Pros Airports are the only place left to read books/magazines casually Less judgment for day-drinking Cons Airport food at airport prices People in sweatsuits Standing in lines You have probably received a dose of radiation so that someone could look at a grainy naked picture of you for “security reasons” The next thing that happens […]